Business Intelligence and Analytics

Our Business Intelligence and Analytics offerings help our clients to unlock business value from historical data to make informed future decisions.

We harness our clients’ sales, financial and operational data to lay business intelligence and analytics foundation. On this foundation, our clients can build their businesses seamlessly by exploring new opportunities and finding answers hidden in their historical data.

Our comprehensive Business Intelligence and Analytics offerings include:


As part of Business Intelligence, we offer the following:

  • BI Reporting: Executive Dashboards and What-if Analysis
  • Enterprise Dashboards: Custom Dashboards and Advanced Analytics

Why Choose us?

  • Expertise in Cloud Analytics and BI Integration
  • Expertise in multiple ETL/ELT platforms
  • Aligned to best practice dashboard development leveraging Tableau, Power BI, Oracle Analytics Cloud and other platforms
  • Methodologies specifically geared to transitioning to Cloud Analytics and BI
  • Cloud Analytics practice is complemented by our strong Oracle Cloud apps and Salesforce practices

Our Solutions

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